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Smith Lewis & Staff is an Australian owned logistics company founded in 1987 that specialises in delivering customs clearance, freight forwarding, warehousing, 3PL and transport services. We are a family company that takes great pride in providing timely and cost effective solutions for our clients.


After many years with Cargo Airfreight, Peter Lewis with friend Peter Reeves established Lewis Reeves (Aust) Pty Ltd. The company successfully operated for 10 years before it was sold to Burns Philip Pty Ltd.

Three years passed and Peter Lewis decided he needed a new challenge.
With a consortium of friends, he incepted the creation of another logistics company. In 1987, they purchased J H Smith Pty Ltd, an established customs brokerage company, and transformed it into what we now know as
Smith Lewis & Staff.


To be known as Australia's most well-reputed one stop logistics solution provider.


We define ourselves with these core values:

Customer Service

We aim to build and develop long standing relationships with our clients. We do this by having single points of contacts for clients to ensure inquiries and updates can be made quickly and consistently at all times.


We treat our clients in a consistent way where we do what we say each and every time. We act in accordance with their needs and provide them a sense of security and confidence. This has helped build the loyalty we have.


Our people deliver the most competitive pricing in the market whilst balancing delivery time constraints.

Management Team

Over the past two decades, Smith Lewis & Staff has transformed from a small customs broking firm to a medium sized logistics company made up of several specialised service teams. Our staff are experienced and qualified, they are our most valuable assets and we take great pride in introducing them to you.

Peter Lewis - Director

Peter is both founder and director of Smith Lewis & Staff. He began working in the industry 52 years ago with J E Riley Pty Ltd where he served as a 17 year old wharfage runner before moving out to Essendon Airport in 1963 as a compile clerk. In 1965, he successfully passed the ACS exam and was licensed as a customs broker.

Peter's "can do attitude" and willingness to go that extra mile for his clients are legendary in the industry.
His principles are instilled into all our staff and is one
of the main reasons why Smith Lewis & Staff continues
to be a success.

Yvonne Myers - Director

Yvonne has been in the industry for almost 50 years and is one of the founding owners of Smith Lewis & Staff. She commenced work in 1966 at Essendon Airport with her father's company, G E Green & Co. Pty Ltd. Prior to her involvement with Smith Lewis & Staff Yvonne worked
with other freight forwarding and customs brokers and performed variety of financial roles. Whilst her role with Smith Lewis is now reduced, she vigilantly watches
over the financial aspects and overall performance
of the company.

Julie-Ann Lewis - Director

Julie-Ann started work in Freight Forwarding in
May 1985 as a receptionist. Julie-Ann became a Shareholder/Director and Partner when Smith Lewis
was formed in August 1987. Julie-Ann has worked in many roles including Exports, Customer Service and Sales. Whilst not working at present in the office of
Smith Lewis, she still maintains a very close interest
and has regular communications with all staff and
our many clients.

Brett Lewis - General Manager

Over the years, Brett has performed many roles at Smith Lewis. He began his service with us over 19 years ago. He started as a storeman for our warehouse before setting up our Air Freight Export, Sea Freight Import and 3PL depots. He is DAFF (AQIS) accredited and has a detailed knowledge of import air operations. Recently he has taken on the role of General Manager and is enjoying the new challenges this role brings.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7513
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Judy Reynolds - Customs Manager

Judy has been with Smith Lewis for over 16 years.
She started at reception and moved through most departments of the company such as Export Air/Sea, Import Cartage FCL and LCL and Customer Service.
She successfully obtained her customs brokers license and DAFF (AQIS) accreditation some years ago. Her extensive knowledge in freight forwarding and customs brokerage is of immense value.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7518
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Manny Fabri - Customs/Sales

Manny's industry experience began when he started working with Australian Customs. After seven years, he chose to work in the commercial side of the industry and joined CJ Dunkley.

His desire to continually improve his industry knowledge had him sit and pass the Customs Brokers National Exam. In 1980, he joined Ansett Airlines as Senior Clerk/Customs Broker and soon progressed to National Customs Manager. When Ansett ceased operation in 2001, he joined Smith Lewis & Staff as it was a company that shared his high ethics and professionalism.

Manny is the "go to man" at Smith Lewis. He has immense knowledge in the industry, thus our first stop when we have a query.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7516
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Helen Moylan - Head of Accounts

Helen has been with Smith Lewis for 9 years as head
of accounts, although with her previous experience
Helen is involved in most departments and is a constant source of information.

Helen's background is from a leading importer of spare parts for the automotive/mining industry where she spent 11 years gaining valuable knowledge of sea and airfreight costing from the importer perspective.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7503
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Peter North - Warehouse Manager

Peter started in the freight forwarding industry with Halford Youngs in 1984 before transferring to Warehouse Operations in 1986. He was appointed Transport Supervisor in 1991 with Bakers Container Services before moving into the Operations Manager role in 1995.

Peter's vast transport and warehouse knowledge was the perfect fit for Smith Lewis & Staff when we were looking for a new Warehouse Manager for our 3PL Barcoding Department. He has been with us for over eight (8) years and has seen our 3PL barcoding service grow from a one-client- to-one-product operation to a premier 3PL service servicing many clients with numerous products.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7504
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Amanda Feeley - Import Sea Operations

Amanda is one of our longest serving employees. She started in reception almost 14 years ago, where she spent two years and gained valuable knowledge of the Freight Forwarding Industry. Over the past 12 years, she has become an expert in all facets of sea freight and currently coordinates our Import Sea Freight Department.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7508
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Joy Morse - Sea Freight Cartage/
Customer Service

As with many at Smith Lewis & Staff, Joy is a long-term employee with extensive knowledge of the industry.
Joy has been with us for over 10 years, beginning in Reception before gaining experience in Sea Cartage.
She moved on to Sea Freight Exports spending 6 years
in the position, before moving into Sea Freight Imports and finally on to Customer Service. Joy's outstanding knowledge is truly an asset to Smith Lewis and our clients.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7514
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Michelle Hoctor - Customs Department

Michelle has been with Smith Lewis for almost 9 years and is currently on maternity leave. Michelle is AQIS/DAFF accredited and supports the customs, air and sea freight, cartage and accounts teams. Michelle is due to apply for customs broker's license in the near future. We all at Smith Lewis & Staff wish Michelle the very best and look forward to her return in 2014.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7511
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Jemma Thill - Exports

Jemma is one of our newest employees having been with us for a little over 14 months. She started out, like many others at Smith Lewis, as a receptionist whilst completing a Certificate 3 Business course. She strives for knowledge and experience and is quick in seeking new challenges.

Jemma began to learn accounts and help-out in other departments in an effort to expand her knowledge. She was given the opportunity to learn Sea/Air Exports and now handles all Export Operations. Jemma has become a highly valued member of the Smith Lewis team.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7512
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

George Makridis -
Dandenong Warehouse Manager

George had been associated with Smith Lewis for over 10 years before joining our team as one of our truck drivers. His service time as a truck driver was relatively short as his professional work ethic and attention to detail ensured his promotion as our new warehouse manager in Dandenong. George ensures our client's needs and standards are met at all times by ensuring our warehouse remains safe, clean and efficient.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9792-3150

Alex George - 3PL Barcoding Supervisor

Alex moved to Australia in 2000, and his personable nature found him quickly employed in Customer Service Departments at various firms for the next 10 years.

In 2010, Alex was looking for a change of careers and accepted the role of Assistant Supervisor in our 3PL Barcoding Department. His management and customer service skills were quickly recognised and within a year he was promoted to the Supervisor role. His ability to learn quickly and make improvements where needed has been a major benefit to Smith Lewis & Staff and our clients.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7520
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

Kristie Thornton - Warehouse Operations

After completing high school, Kristie headed straight to the workforce. Over the next four years, Kristie made her way through the ranks from Reception to Inward Sea Freight Operations with Qube Logistics. She wanted to expand her knowledge and experience and accepted a role in Customer Service with Menzies Aviation as a PSA (passenger service attendant) at Tullamarine airport.

Her fabulous work ethic and can do attitude meant she was the perfect fit for Smith Lewis. She soon started in Reception but when a role in Warehouse Operations became available, she jumped at the chance to challenge herself in a completely new field. She has excelled in her new role and we look forward to seeing Kristie become another valued long term employee of Smith Lewis and Staff.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7521
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7555

Elisha Mesinovic - Customer Service

Elisha is the newest member of the Smith Lewis family. She spent several years working in the Freight Forwarding Industry with companies such as Asean Cargo in Melbourne and in Brisbane with P&O and Mainfreight. Her roles within these companies included Air & Sea Freight Ops and Customer Service Support, with Elisha's background and knowledge we foresee a long and fruitful career with Smith Lewis & Staff.

Direct Phone: + 61 (03) 9344-7509
Fax : + 61 (03) 9344-7566

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