Air Freight Break Bulk Cargo Handling
for Tullamarine, Melbourne

We are a reliable partner for freight forwarders and customs brokers who do not have a warehouse or agent at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne. We act as your agent and arrange the collection of your cargo from the airport and transport it to our Tullamarine Warehouse. We offer flexible options where you can pick-up your cleared goods or have us do the distribution for you.

Air Freight Break Bulk Cargo Handling Service

When providing our air freight break bulk cargo handling service,
we deliver the following:

  • Notification of document and freight availability
  • Fast retrieval of documents and freight from Cargo Terminal Operators
  • Fast check-in of cargo
  • Fast cargo collection process
  • DAFF (AQIS) approved premises (QAP) for all your inspection needs

If required we can supply the following services:

  • Air cargo report lodgement to Customs
  • Underbond lodgement
  • Intent to claim lodgement
  • Discrepancy report to customer

Our Break Bulk Cargo Handling Process

We are licensed to receive uncleared cargo and hold it pending customs clearance within our Tullamarine warehouse.

Warehousing of Uncleared Cargo

All uncleared cargo pending customs clearance is picked-up from the airport and transported to our 77G licensed and DAFF (AQIS) approved depot (QAP) in Tullamarine. This provides a one stop depot solution for your Customs, DAFF (AQIS) and Import Food Clearance without the need to move the cargo off-site.

Speedy Retrieval of your Goods
from the Airline to Our Depot

We'll have your goods retrieved in a timely manner. Our seven (7) day operation and twice-daily schedule of pick-ups is done at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm to minimise your waiting time. As a result, goods checked-in at the airlines in the afternoon will be recovered by the following morning. Goods checked-in at the airlines in the morning will be recovered in the afternoon of the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
for Air Freight Break Bulk Cargo

What is Breakbulk Cargo?

A service that is provided to Forwarders and Customs Brokers that do not have a 77G approved warehouse where uncleared cargo is received and held pending customs release for general consumption.

Can my cleared air freight that arrives
that day be picked by me on the same day?

Yes, as long as the cargo is customs cleared and arrived at the airlines by 10:30 am we will have it at our warehouse by that afternoon ready for pick up.

Can my cleared air freight be delivered
by Smith Lewis to where I need?

Yes, you can have your cleared air freight delivered to your required destination within Australia.

Can I have DAFF (AQIS) inspect my good at your premises?

Yes, we have a DAFF (AQIS) approved premises (QAP).

Can I get my goods delivered anywhere is Australia

Yes, our Australia wide delivery service allows freight forwarders and brokers to have goods distributed Australia wide.

What is a 77G depot?

A 77G depot is a customs licensed warehouse facility that allows importers to have goods moved away from the wharf or airport for short-term storage and unpacking or deconsolidation. These depots are required to be electronically linked to the ICS for the efficient reporting of cargo.

What is a DAFF (AQIS) Quarantine Approved Premises?

A DAFF (AQIS) Approved Premise (QAP) is a place approved for performing specific activities with specific imported items that have the potential to carry pests or other quarantine concern such as:

  • Foods
  • Wooden Item
  • Plants and Animals
  • Used Equipment

Why Choose Smith Lewis Over Other Companies Offering Break Bulk Cargo Services in Melbourne?

Trusted and Long Standing Air Freight Break Bulk
Cargo Handling for Freight Forwarders and Brokers

We have been providing air freight break bulk services in Melbourne
to freight forwarders and custom brokers since 1987. We understand the confidentiality that goes with providing this service. We are known for
our impeccable reputation.

Personal Service from our Qualified and Experienced Team

In order to provide this service, our staff and depot are regularly reviewed by the Customs and DAFF (AQIS) to ensure the highest standards are met at all times. Our team has many years of experience and your needs are managed by a single point of contact, Kristie Thornton.

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