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Our Order Management System (IT EDI Enterprise Order Tracking) enables freight forwarders and their customers to effectively perform end to end planning, tracking and delivery of orders. Our track and trace system provides a simple yet convenient order and order line forms consisting of the following main areas:

Order Details

This contains the primary details of the order including the:

Order number

Order split number

Confirmation number

Invoice number




Service level

INCO terms

Additional terms

Transport Mode

Container Mode

Related Order Splits

This contains a list of order splits.

Tracking Dates

This contains the dates relative to how the order was processed throughout its lifecycle which includes:



Origin Receival



CC Commenced


Picked Up

NOTE: This also contains estimated dates that may be filled in or left blank while it awaits the completion of the event. Actual dates are usually filled in only after the event has taken place.

Order Lines

The Order Line section lists item details according to its order and quantities.


This contains information of the end delivery of the order line to different destination ports. For example: the buyer may want the product on a particular order line to have some of the quantity sent to Sydney (AUSYD) and some to Melbourne (AUMEL).


This section allows users to input each delivery destination and further split it up in to the containers they are delivered in.

NOTE: A single container can have cargo from other orders, or other order lines/deliveries on the same order.

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