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New Infrastructure Surcharge at DP World Melbourne



The Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia Inc. received the attached notice from DP World Melbourne advising industry of the new infrastructure surcharge to be implemented from 31 March 2014 at DP World leasehold facilities in the Port of Melbourne.

A$3.45 (excluding GST) per full container handled via gate operations.

The Infrastructure Surcharge will be applied via the Vehicle Booking System to road transport operators and will be covered by the existing Carrier Access Arrangements including payment terms.

Transport operators will most likely pass on the infrastructure surcharge down the chain as they will not be able to absorb additional cost. Such fees should be passed down to clients to include in their costing's. 

For more information refer to below download attachment.


Manager Southern Region
Manager Business Development

Download Attachments:

DPW Notice Infrastructure Charge.pdf


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