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Smith Lewis & Staff Pty Ltd Launches New Website

After several months of development, Smith Lewis & Staff Pty Ltd is proud to launch its new website. This is part of the company's effort to enhance the quality and availability of information on the logistics services it provides.  Its detailed website provides wealth of information and affirms that "Nothing is too big for them to handle!"

Online Freight Calculator

The new website provides convenience and added functionality to its online visitors by adding an easy-to-use online freight calculator. This user-friendly tool allows online users to instantly and conveniently see FCL, LCL and Customs Clearance free quotes within ten seconds.

Detailed Webpages

The newly restructured website has highly informative logistics service pages divided into five major sections:

Each of these pages details the benefits, features, processes and frequently asked questions (FAQ) of Smith Lewis' major logistics departments and teams.

Additional feature pages such as Downloads, News, Freight Calculator and  Freight Tracking were enhanced further improving the site's overall functionality and usability.

The website has also integrated Smith Lewis' social profiles, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube allowing visitors to easily send feedback to the Management Team and to receive up to date industry trends and developments.

With all of these enhanced features, Smith Lewis' new website is now parallel in providing timely and cost effective solutions to clients for the year 2014.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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